Oct, 17th, 2018 Wednesday 22:12 PM


October 30-31, 2018 | Chengdu, China
Air transportation
Autonomous Vehicles in Logistics
Big data analytics in logistics 
E-commerce and omnichannel logistics 
Emergencies and crisis logistics 
Emergency response systems & technologies
Freight transportation
Green logistics and supply chain management 
high-speed railway planning & construction
Highway maintenance and management
Innovation and technology management  
Innovative and smart technologies in logistics 
Intelligent transportation systems
ITS theory and applications
Logistics & Supply Chain Management
Marine transportation
Metropolitan transportation
Optimization and Logistics Challenges
Practices in logistics and supply chains 
Rail and transit systems
Retail logistics and supply chains 
Security and monitoring systems
Service supply chains 
Smart and durable city logistics 
Social responsibility in logistics and supply chains 
Sourcing and outsourcing 
Sustainability in logistics and supply chains 
Traffic control and information technology
Transportation and socioeconomic development
Transportation and warehouse management
Transportation infrastructure 
Transportation management, economics and policy
Transportation planning
Transportation security
Urban public transportation planning & management 
Water transportation
Other related topics
Transportation & Logistics
Artificial Intelligence
Big Data
Communication Engineering
Communication Networks
Communication Privacy and Anonymity
Communication Software
Data Intensive Computer Architecture
Data Mining
Distributed denial of service
Embedded Hardware Support
Embedded Software
Embedded Systems
Emerging networked applications
Fuzzy Computing Sensor Networks
Human-Computer Interaction
Image Processing
Information & Communication
Infrastructure for Next Generation Networks
Intelligent Control
Intelligent Video & Image Processing
Internet of Things (IoT)
Internet Security
Internet Technologies
Mobile Communications
Multi-Agent Systems
Natural Language Processing
Network architectures and protocols
Network/cyber security and privacy
Network/functionality virtualization
Networking Embedded Systems
Optical Communications
Peer-to-peer and overlay networks
Sensor Networks and Embedded System
Service-Oriented Architectures
Signal and Image Processing
Smart Sensors
VLSI Technology
Web Intelligence and Computing
Web security
Wireless Communications
Wireless Networks
Wireless Protocols and Architectures
Other related topics
Information & Communication
Big Data Architectures
Big Data for Urban Informatics
Big Data for Vertical Industries
Big Data Management
Big Data Models and Algorithms
Big Data Searching and Mining
Cloud Computing and Networking Infrastructure
Cloud Computing Techniques for Big Data
Deployments for Smart Cities
Environment and Urban Monitoring
Future Internet Architecture and Protocols
Human-machine interfaces
Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for Smart City
Internet-of-Things for Smart Cities
Machine Learning and Data Mining
Machine-to-machine communications
Mobile Computing
Optical communications and networking in smart grid
Prototype systems and real-world deployment experiences
Security and Privacy of Big Data
Smart Buildings
Smart grid inspired data communication and networking technologies
Smart grid inspired data processing technologies
Smart Home
Smart Living
Smart metering and advanced measurement infrastructure
Smart Mobility
Smart Transportation
Smart Water System   
Social Computing and Social Networks
Wireless Communications
Other related topics
Smart City